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    About KingHost

    Cheap game server hosting. Welcome, dear friend! On our King Host website, you can order powerful, cheap hosting for game servers such as Minecraft, Minecraft PE, Rust, and many others. We have abandoned slots, and the tariffs for game hosting are based simply on RAM.

    For maximum convenience and simplified work on game hosting, we use the Pterodactyl game server control panel. This incredibly convenient panel is built on a modern stack using all the best design methods that will allow you to easily make changes and manage your favorite game server.

    If you have any questions, our friendly and always helpful technical support will be happy to assist you in the shortest possible time. With our convenient game server hosting, you can create your own server for Minecraft, Minecraft PE, and other platforms in just a few clicks.

    If you want to evaluate the quality of our services before making a purchase, we are happy to provide a test, free access to game hosting for a full 48 hours. You can get free hosting access simply by contacting our technical support with the words "I want to get free hosting." Every day, we strive to improve and improve our game server hosting, make it cheaper, easier, and more reliable. Join us! Create your server on King Host hosting!